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About Us


AIMS college is for Global learners and Enthusiast. Affiliated to T.U. and a center of learning for the students of Computer Science, Information Technology, Management and Hotel Management, we focus on Career Building and Professional Development of our students.

It holds a pedagogic atmosphere with utmost enthusiasm for learning. AIMS College has been established by a team of energetic, dynamic, well-known and experienced academic professionals having a long time dedication. We welcome you all.

Message from head Of Department

The development of an Individual is defined by the professional education and the research activities he/she is Involved in to bring a change for a good Future. While we talk about science and technology in the prospective of Nepal, we need more professionalism to catch the speed.

Computer Science and Information Technology, in my view is the only fast way for the growth of whole nation in parallel to Individual growth. Nepal being rich in hardworking and Laborious Students, lack of Professional Certification approach and Tools Knowledge, our Scholars are lagging behind. But AIMS welcomes you  all who desire for a practical approach to move forward and do their best in the field of Computer science and Information technology.

“Aspire your Dreams.”






(Computer Science and Information technology)